About Us

A little about us

Busselton Mardi Gras (formerly Busselton Pride) was established in 2017 by a community group of volunteers and has developed into an annual LGBTQI+ pride festival and parade which takes place in regional Western Australia.  The community group recognised a lack of LGBTQI+ presence and visibility within this regional area which inspired the creation of Busselton Mardi Gras.

The main event is hosted in the City of Busselton in March every year and is supported by several satellite events throughout the region in the lead up to the event. The parade is a platform for LGBTQI+ visibility with participants from various local organisations and charities showing their support, as well as representative floats from local community members.  Our fair day event provides a safe space for the community with entertainment and signposting for LGBTQI+ support services.

Busselton Mardi Gras celebrates the LGBTQI+ community and creates opportunities for networking in a regional area. Our events engage, entertain, inspire and provide cultural, social and other meaningful benefits to LGBTQI+ people and the broader communities.

Our vision

Our vision is for the City of Busselton to be widely known as an inclusive regional area in Western Australia that supports the LGBTQI+ community by forming positive partnerships within the local community to ensure equality and diversity are celebrated.

The mission

To operate together with the Busselton community and local businesses to create LGBTQI+ events and sustained safe spaces for the LGBTIQ+ community. 

Goals and expected outcomes

Our events enable networking opportunities within the regional area of Busselton thereby enhancing the life and health of LGBTQI+ people.

Through having local businesses and venues involved in our events identifies them as safe spaces for our LGBTQI+ community throughout the year.

Pride gives exposure of LGBTQI+ issues to the broader community and provides an opportunity for engagement and education.

To enhance the lives of LGBTQI+ people living in regional WA by signposting support services available to them and providing opportunities to link in with them. 

For the City of Busselton to be recognised as a regional place in Western Australia that accepts and welcomes members of the LGBTIQ+ community positively and understands issues faced by the LGBTQI+ community in the past, present and in the future.

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